Reporting on broadcasts when you include a short trackable link

Campaigns sent from the Web Portal with trackable links will benefit from the new broadcast overview report. Here are some of the features available as part of the report.


To find your campaign report, navigate to the Message History page:

Here you can search by keyword to find the campaign for which you wish to view a report. Click on the name of the campaign to open the report.

Outbound page

The campaign summary is the first thing that you will see. This section contains all the key metrics of the campaign:

This tab can be exported to a CSV file by clicking on the "Export view/tab" button in the top right of the “Delivery and engagement” box:

Inbound page

You can view any replies associated with the campaign here, under the "Inbound" tab:

You can send quick replies to inbound messages by clicking on the “Quick reply” button to the right of the message summary:

Page visits page

If your campaign included trackable links, the "Page Visits" tab will show you how many unique visits to your page have occurred, along with which individual recipients did or did not visit your page:

Exporting of this tab is not yet available, but is currently in development.