Forwarding to Mobile

This Automation allows you to forward inbound replies to one or more mobile numbers, so you can keep track of your responses without needing to be in front of the web portal

1. Go to "Automations" in the left-hand menu, and then click on "Forward to Mobile":

2. Click "Create New Automation" in the bottom right of the screen

3. Next, you may choose to customise the name of this particular Automation and the description by updating the "Automation Name" and Automation Description fields"

4. Choose the trigger for the Automation - this can be either an inbound SMS (text) message or an inbound MMS (picture) message:

Tip - if you only want responses from a specific number forwarded to a mobile, you can enter the mobile number of the sender in the "Received by" field

5. Once you are happy with these settings, click on the edit icon in the action box

6. The "Action" field will default to "Forward to Mobile" - although you can change this if you wish to perform a different action.

7. Enter the mobile number(s) to which you want responses to be forwarded and click "Save Action" in the bottom right of the screen

8. You can now either launch the automation right away by clicking "Save & Launch Automation," or you can click "Save & Close" if you want to save the automation but not launch it right away