Creating an Opt-in List using Automation

Let’s say you wanted to automatically sign customers up to ongoing updates about an upcoming product launch. You can create an automation to automatically assign customers to a designated contact group to which the updates are going to be sent.

Note: Before you set up this rule you must have already created a contact group to add the Opt-ins. We’ll use an example in this case called “Product Launch”

1. Go to Automation in the left-hand menu

2. Click on “New Account Automation”

3. Provide the following details:

4. Click on “Add Action” to determine what Streetdata will do when the prescribed response is received. In this case, we want to add contacts to our “Product Launch” group:

The action will then appear in the Automation detail. From here, you can add additional actions to this automation if desired.

5. Click “Save & Launch Automation” if you want the automation to start running right away:

You will now see your new automation appear in the "My Automations" list. By clicking on the three dots on the right you will open a drop-down where you can de-activate and re-activate the automation as you like, or delete it if required: