Setting up your Calendar for Calendar Automation

If you are on a post-paid plan, Streetdata allows you to link your Microsoft, Google, or Apple Calendars in order to automatically send appointment reminders and other appointment-related messages. To have this feature activated on your account, contact

The first step is linking your calendar and ensuring all customer contact information is in the events in your calendar.

Once you have been granted access to Calendar Automation, go to Calendar Automation in the left-hand menu to get started.

Connecting your calendar

The first time you visit the Calendar Automation page, you will see a prompt to connect your calendar. Select from iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange, or When you click on Connect, you will be asked to authenticate into your account, agree to Terms and Conditions, and provide Streetdata access to your calendar.

Once you have selected the appropriate calendar, you will need to follow the prompts on screen to complete the connection. This will include giving approval for "Cronofy" to access your calendar.

Add phone numbers to events

In order to send messages to your customers relating to events in your calendar, the customer's phone number must be at the start of the event's title and include the country code. If an event does not have a phone number (or if the number is not at the start of the event title), a message will not be sent. You can use this to exclude events for which you would prefer not to send messages:

Hint: Remember to include the "+" in the international prefix

Adding additional calendars

If you want to link more than one calendar to Streetdata, just set up a sub-account in your account. Each sub-account can have one calendar linked to it. Please get in contact with support for help with this.

Disconnect your calendar / changing calendars

 If you no longer want your calendar to be connected, simply click on the Disconnect button. When you disconnect your calendar, all your Calendar Automations will be deleted and no more messages will be sent. After this, you will be able to link another calendar and create Calendar Automations for that new calendar.

Creating new calendar automations

 To learn how to create new calendar automations, see this article