Creating an automation from a pre-filled template

The Automation menu item in the sidebar is the new home for Automations. To view your rules and create new ones, go to Automation:

Next select the template you want to use. This will launch a "view" version of the Automation builder so you can preview that template

Review the pre-filled fields and actions and make alterations as required by clicking on them. For some templates you will be required to add information into some fields - in this example you need to add the contact group to which respondents are to be added:

Once you have reviewed and saved each action, you're ready to launch your automation. Click Save & Launch to start using the automation immediately, or Save & Close to save this automation for later use

Your new automation will be visible in the "My Automations" list at the top of the Automations page:

You can pause, resume, edit and delete the automation by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side: