Sender IDs

When sending a message from the message builder, you have the option to choose your sender ID - i.e. the name or number that will appear on the recipient's phone as the message sender. 

There are four options available:

  1. Shared number
  2. Dedicated number
  3. Business Name (aka "Alpha Tag")
  4. Your own number

Shared numbers

This is the default setting for all new messages (unless the default is altered in Account Settings) and is a random number chosen from a shared pool. Recipients are able to reply to messages sent from shared numbers; however if you are using shared numbers to send more than one message to the same number, each message will appear to come from a different sender. This can be avoided by using a dedicated number.

Dedicated numbers

Dedicated numbers are purchased numbers that are allocated to your account. When using a dedicated number, every message you send originates from that number, meaning that your customers can save your dedicated number as they would a normal contact in their phone. You customers can even start the conversation by sending a message to your inbound number, and it will appear in your inbox. Dedicated numbers are an ideal method for creating familiarity with your customers and building trust.

Business name (aka "Alpha Tag")

If you want to clearly identify yourself to your customers, then an Alpha Tag is what you need. An Alpha Tag (3-11 characters in length) is a name or a string of text that appears in place of a phone number as the sender ID. It offers instant brand recognition but is suitable for one-way messages only - recipients cannot reply to messages sent from an alpha tag.

Your own number

It is possible to configure your own mobile number as the sender ID - a process which requires verification to ensure you are the owner of that number. By using your own number, all replies to your messages will appear on your mobile and in your StreetData inbox. It also means that you can send bulk messages to your contacts from your StreetData account, and if they have your number saved in their phone, the message will appear as though you sent it from your mobile.